Revue Française de Systémique
Fondée par Evelyne Andreewsky

Instruction to Authors
 for obtainig the "Recommandations aux auteurs" in French

Res-Systemica is mainly devoted to original papers dealing with some of the many aspects of Systems Science, within key-words such as : Adaptation, Auto-reference, Auto-organisation, Chaos, Cognition, Complexity, Dynamics, Emergence, General Systems, Hierarchy, Networks, Organisation... Other rubrics, such as Books Review, Archives, Systems Science European Events Advertisement, etc. are also scheduled together with original papers.
Submitting authors should bear in mind that Res-Systemica is a multidisciplinary journal, intended to be read by "hard" scientists, as well as by lawyers or sociologists. The bulk of material submitted must not be too technical.
The Journal aims to favour: (i) the opening to the diversity of the European and Mediterranean cultures; (ii) references to concrete experiments and implementations; (iii) pluri and trans disciplinary approaches; (iv) feed-backs such as forums around papers which give rise to problems or comments.
All papers should be written in one of the two Journal languages : French and/or English - articles in other European languages will be taken into account, if submitted with an extensive summary either in French and/or in English.
The papers must be send, as attached files ".rtf" to : or François Dubois. Each paper will be reviewed by two referees ; their decision will be given back to the author(s) as fast as possible.

A file that contains these recommendations can be downloaded in pdf format. An example file for submission to Res-Systemica is available with the latex format (we recommend), the docx format, the odt format and possibly the ott format.

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updated : 10 november 2014