volume 10, numéro 03, 1996

Patterns of change - learning, diffusion, transition

  • Marc Willinger, Ehud Zuscovitch
        Patterns of change - learning, diffusion, transition. Introduction,      pages 193-200

  • Nathalie Lazaric      Organisational learning and combinative capacity during technological agreements:
                some empirical evidence in the robotic sector,      pages 201-221

  • Stéphane Ngo-Mai, Alain Raybaut
        Microdiversity and macro-order: towards a self-organization approach,      pages 223-239

  • Willi Semmler, Alfred Greiner      Inventive investment and the diffusion of technology,      pages 241-260

  • Christian Le Bas, Patrick Sylvestre-Baron
        Learning, selection, and evolutionary process; some explorations in frequency-dependency systems,      pages 261-284

  • Peter Swann      Technology evolution and the rise and fall of industry clusters,      pages 285-302

  • Gérard Duménil, Dominique Lévy      The acceleration and slowdown of technological progress in the US
                since the civil war: the transition between two paradigms,      pages 303-321

  • Ehud Zuscovitch      Sustainable differentiation,      pages 323-346

  • Recommandations aux auteurs,       page 349.

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